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About Hong Kong Adventure Corps - D Squadron

Introduction of D Squad


Hong Kong Adventure Corps D squadron was established on 4 July 1997 and it is currently commanded by Major NG Yu-hang. Most of its instructors came from the former Junior Leader Corps (“J Coprs”) of the Royal Hong Kong Regiment (The volunteers). In recent years, more outsiders were enlisted as instructor team. At present, there are about 60 cadets and according to the seniority and resources are divided into 2 or 3 troops. The number of cadets promoted to senior ranks are on the rise. Name on the school troop under D Squadron are Caritas Yuen Ling Chan Chun Ha Secondary School and  Cotton Spinners Association Secondary School.


D  Squadron is committed to the former J Corps tradition, provides cadets with various types of military-style discipline training, leadership training and adventure activities. D Squadron holds regular monthly two-day, one-night weekend training. In addition during the Easter and Christmas holidays, the squadron will hold 3ays plus 2 nights outdoor adventure training to encourage students to apply knowledge and skills training.


The squadron's training vision is to create junior leaders. New recruits will receive eight months of basic training in the High Island Training Camp in Sai Kung. The training include: marching, mountaincraft, signals and physical training, and so on. After graduation, cadets will receive more diversified military training, such as ARMS drill, firearms handling, tactics, abseiling, canoeing and wilderness survival. Cadets will also participate in leadership training courses, with the objective of promoting to senior cadet ranks to assist in training and leading junior cadets to accomplish various tasks. 

In order to cultivate the social responsibility of students, D Squadron will arrange for cadets to participate in various community services, so as to contribute to the community. We provide supporting services to the China Coast Marathon held at every January.





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