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Camp Regulations

Camp Usage

"Good Order and Discipline For the military leader, the maintenance of good order and discipline is essential for a unit."

  1. High Island Training Camp applicants should have their adult representative contact and co-ordinate with our Camp Office.

  2. That representative should give our Office the applicants’ particulars and handle formalities on their behalf.

  3. Adult applicants must not be fewer than 1/10 of the whole group.  Where applicants are under 18 years of age, the group must have applicants of their same sex for caring purpose.

  4. Anyone and any vehicle entering/leaving the camp-site must register with our Office.

  5. Applicants must arrive at/leave the camp-site at the designated time.

  6. Our Office will approve and properly allot camp locations.  Extra people will depend on our decision and consideration of camp capacity.  Accepted ones should pay fees as appropriate.  Absentees / any number too few will not be refunded for.

  7. The applicants’ representative will arrange bed space for his group, where the opposite sex must not use the same room.  Unless authorized, applicants of the same group must not swap rooms with one another.

  8. Never invite outsiders into the camp-site without permission.  Visitors should register with our Office to gain permission to enter camp, where they must abide by our Regulations.  Anyone staying here for over 2 hours may be asked by our Office for fee payment.

  9. No one may leave the camp without permission.  If in need, their representative should notify us and register.

  10. Take care of own property, which is not our camp responsibility in case of loss.

  11. Do not enter our Camp Office, Store-room, Kitchen or Staff Quarters without permission.

  12. Within our Camp, everyone must be decently dressed, without talking aloud, using foul language, smoking or chewing gums and the like.

  13. Unless permitted, no one may cook with fire on camp-site.

  14. Never bring illegal substances into the camp; or take part in unlawful or disorderly activities in camp including excessive alcoholic consumption, gambling, dangerous drug-taking, sexual harassment and behaviour.  Violators will be expelled from the camp and held responsible for his/her own misconduct.  No refund will be made.

  15. Always keep the camp-site clean.  No littering, damage to camp facilities, cutting or picking of plants is allowed.

  16. Air-conditioning in camp is supplied each day from 7 pm to 6 am the next.  No unauthorized use of or connection to power supply, wire, switches or appliances is allowed.  Never move furniture without permission.

  17. Camp users should take part in activities according to stated time/place schedules.  Our Camp Office should be notified of any changes immediately.

  18. Time schedules are displayed at designated places on camp-site.  No flags/ banners or posters may be displayed without our permission.

  19. Designated facilities for camp activities may be used only with the guidance of instructors recognized by our Camp.

  20. Any loss of/ damage to facilities/ sports and recreation equipment borrowed from our Camp is to be compensated for by borrowers.

  21. Be punctual for meals, which will not wait for late-comers, nor meal payments be refunded.  Meal times are : Breakfast 7.30 am to 8.30 am.  Lunch 12.30 noon to 1.30 pm.  Dinner  6.30 pm to 7.30 pm.

  22. Except when authorized, no activities may continue after 11 pm, when camp lights will be off to ensure silence.

  23. The main gate of Camp is closed between 11 pm and 7 am every day.  Please notify our Office if activities timings have to be adjusted.

  24. As arranged by our Office, camp users should clean the site, including camps, canteens, toilets and occupied areas.  Users may leave the site only when our staff are satisfied with the situation.  We reserve the right to demand necessary cleansing cost.

  25. In emergency cases our Camp Office has the absolute right to decide on handling the situation.

  26. We always have measures to ensure camp users’ safety.  However, should there be accidents the users themselves should be held responsible.  We recommend users to take out personal insurance against accidents.

  27. In case our Regulations are violated, or anything unlawful discovered, we may terminate users’ occupation of camp without refunding.

  28. Our Camp Management reserves the right to rectify the above Regulations.

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