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錨點 6

Progressive Resumption of Corps Training and Activities

To: All Ranks of HKAC
From: Commandant
Date: 20th April 2022

Further to the announcement by the Education Bureau (EDB) to resume face-to-face classes in schools by phases starting from 19th April 2022, the Commandant has decided to progressively resume normal Corps training and activities with details as follows:


1.     With effect from 21st April 2022, High Island Training Camp (HITC) and Hong Kong Jockey Club High Island Training Camp (HKJCHITC) will be re-opened for organizing Corps training and other activities for both adult and cadet members;


2.     With effect from 21st April 2022, training inside HITC / HKJCHITC and school campuses as well as water sport training may be resumed by all squadrons and sub-units.  However, all participants in the activities (including adult instructors and cadet members) must strictly observe the venues’relevant regulations and measures on epidemic prevention.


All squadrons and sub-units must follow the guidelines and measures stated in the notice on “香港少年領袖團萬宜訓練營入營程序” issued by CHQ on 19th April 2022 when conducting training or activities.

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