Progressive Resumption of Corps Training and Activities

Further to the announcement by the Education Bureau (EDB) to resume face-to-face classes in schools by phases starting from 19th February 2021, the Commandant has decided to progressively resume normal Corps training and activities with details as follows:


1.     With effect from 19th February 2021, High Island Training Camp (HITC) and Hong Kong Jockey Club High Island Training Camp (HKJCHITC) will be re-opened for organizing Corps training and other activities for both adult and cadet members;


2.     With effect from 19th February 2021, training inside HITC / HKJCHITC and school campuses as well as water sport training may be resumed by all squadrons and sub-units.  However, all participants in the activities (including adult instructors and cadet members) must strictly observe the venues’ relevant regulations and measures on epidemic prevention.


3.     Field training and hiking will continue be suspended until social distancing restriction is further relaxed or cancelled.  CHQ will make further announcement when this happens.

All squadrons and sub-units must follow the guidelines and measures stated in the notice on “Infectious Disease Prevention” issued by CHQ on 16th September 2020 when conducting training or activities.


OC Squadrons / Unit ICs should contact Project Officer (Training) if any assistance or special arrangement is needed.